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Coco and money
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What do footballers do with their money?


(translated by Kim from gazzetta 12-11-2006)

Footballers and money. What do they do with their money? Do they spend it,save it,invest it? What are their future plans? The present is great, they live in wealth and they can buy everything they want without looking at the price tag. They spoil their wives, buy a new mobile phone, dress themselves in D&G, ride a Cayenne or X5, go to expensive nightclubs and order a bottle of Dom Perignon which costs 250 euros per bottle. But some of them treat their money wisely. Kakha Kaladze says that when he quits football he wants to maintain the same lifestyle he has now, so he has invested his money in the new Milano hotspot restaurant “Giannino”. Coco, who has created a fashion empire with his family,  says that it’s incredibly hard to reorganize your life when you’ve lived in a certain way for 15 years money wise.



Coco and Kaladze are real entrepreneurs. Kaladze has become an investor of the Milano based restaurant Giannino. He says he always believed in investing in this project, because he saw what his compagnon Joseph did with his other project Coriandolo. Kaladze has a hotel and restaurant in Kiev and an other hotel near the Black sea. “It’s best to invest in something in the east. I have a friend who I trust and he keeps an eye on my projects for me. I spend all my holidays in Georgia, Ukrain and Russia. I look at how things are done in Italy and bring my ideas to the east.” Kaladze didn’t believe in investing in fashion, “they have all the famous brands in the east already.” Someone who did believe in investing in fashion is Francesco Coco. He invested in real estate and he follows the family business of fashion stores in Catania,Legnano and Milan. He also created his own fashion brand called “Urban 77” but he has put the production on hold for a while because he wants to concentrate on football. In the end football wins, confirms Kaladze.