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Tuttosport 5-1-2007
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Coco’s appeal: “I want to play”
tuttosport 5-1-2007
translation by Kim
Francesco Coco, how are you?
“I’ve been feeling a lot better since a month, but I need at least 4 matches before I’ll be in top condition”.
So Coco is ok, yet he didn’t join Inter in Bahrain…
“Inter have decided that, since I never talk to Mancini, I’m out of the squad. I haven’t got an official team picture and I wasn’t invited to the Christmas dinner either. The problem is that I’m better, I’m ready to play but no-one ever mentioned it.”
What do you want from Inter?
“I want to train. Everyone wants to know how I’m doing, and this way it’s very hard for me to find a new club.”
If the situation continues like this, will you have your contract annulled?
“”I haven’t thought about that yet because I still have a contract for 2 more years.”
And if Inter annuls the contract?
“ I’ve thought of that myself, but I want a future in football.”
Is it impossible to get a better relationship with Mancini?
“Since he became the trainer he never even considered letting me play and the team never did anything to make him change his mind. Everything started with that horrendous back injury, they wanted me to undergo surgery so I would be back within a month, instead I was out for a year and a half… I lost my spot in the national team and Inter gave up the thought of me."
Do you think your presence in the gossip magazines has anything to do with your exclusion?
“All that nonsense has really hurt me, for years they have been “slaughtering” me, however at Livorno I feel I played a great season. When I arrived there everyone thought I was a finished player, but I made them reconsider their thoughts. Then, again, I got injured.
What about offers from other clubs?
“I’m negotiating with some clubs but they all have their doubts whether I’m fully recovered or not. I even considered going to Australia.
What are you doing now?
“I’m training on my own. I don’t want people to think of me as “that guy who has given up.” Inter has made me look like a fool..”
So you have no-one to thank at Inter?
After my back injury everyone has let me down except the person who “saved” my career, Nanni Bisciotti (Inter’s training coach who works with injured players)