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translated by Kim from MAX magazine


Gorgeous, rich and famous. Francesco Coco is all that. He certainly is gorgeous, just look at the photos in this magazine (Max). Rich and famous he is aswell, he grew up with a football always at his feet and he managed to conquer a place at the greatest football clubs. From Milan to Barcelona to Inter. This summer (2004) he also became famous among those of us who aren’t interested in football thanks to his presence in gossip magazines alongside Manuela Arcuri, his latest catch.


Gorgeous, rich, famous and a womanizer..

“Oh come on, who has given me this label of a womanizer?! I’m not like that at all. I’m simple, laid-back and even a bit shy”


Do you feel handsome?

“My god, what a question! When I look in the mirror I can’t say I don’t like what I see. I’d certainly not change anything about myself, I’ve always been myself.”


What is the strongest point of your physique?

“My face. I have the face of a decent guy. But I’ve also been told my strong point is my mouth and my smile.”


Are you handsome like David Beckham?

“No, he is “untouchable”. He’s a handsome guy who has created, maybe thanks to his wife, his very own personal style. He’s never made a fashion faux-pas and millions of fans follow his every move.”


What is your morning ritual?

“Very little. They say I’m quite “primitive” and not narcissistic at all. I don’t spend hours in front of the mirror to do my hair or to use cream. I adjust everything as I go along. I take a shower, spray on some perfume and I leave the house. I do like perfume and I often try a new one, the last one I’ve used is Bulgari Blu. I don’t spend much time on my hair, I used to have short hair but now I’m growing my hair again, because I feel like wearing it long.”


Your look does seem “false” like you thought a lot about it..

“That’s not true at all, I’d call it simple. I don’t like things that are invented on forehand. I like to give everything my personal touch. I wear a cardigan unbuttoned to make it look less ordinary and I wear it with normal pants. I like to dress according to the latest fashion and I like to give it a touch of my own.”


Your favorite clothes are…

“A winter coat, I change my coat all the time.”


Gorgeous, famous, but why do women like you so much?

“How should I know! Maybe because I’m sympathetic, extrovert and I know how to make them laugh.”