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Off the pitch

For him the season of the grand return has almost begun. Francesco Coco, dynamic left-back of Torino, his luck has finally changed. Last november he suffered from a very bad knee injury which kept him aside almost the entire season. Before he could continue to train there was the military duty, which ended last summer almost at the same time as he joined Torino. To demonstrate his complete physical recovery he re-entered in the U21 squad after 2 years of absence, he signed it with a goal which led to the 6th victory in a row for the azzurrini.


How are you feeling?

Great. After 8 months of inactivity it is great to return in the U21 squad and score a goal.

Despite of your long absence and the military service, you certainly didn’t sit still: is it true that you’ve opened a sportshop?

Yes, I've opened a shop in Legnano where my family lives and where I lived when I played at Milan.My dad is now taking care of the shop.


How have you celebrated your recovery?

I went to the States with an old friend. It was a journey I had been planning for a long time.

What places did you visit?

I went to California: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco... all those wonderful cities

Had you been to the US before?

Yes, I was there in 1995, when I played in the Dallas Cup with Milan. That was also a terrific experience.

Are there any other trips on your agenda?

At the moment, no. The championship is long and there is no time to make a long trip.

How to you spend your free time?

I like watching TV.

Which channels to you watch in particular?

MTV. I love music and I really like the videoclips they play at MTV, not to mention the girls that present the shows at MTV...

When you’re not watching MTV, what do yo watch?

Mostly the channels of Mediaset, where my favourite TV-presenter Paolo Bonolis works.
(translation by Kim)